Personal Training near Leland


Willie is Leland native, born and raised. He became passionate for the industry while working out himself. After seeing the major changes in his own body, he decided to make it a career and become certified. Wanting to make an impact on the health of his hometown, he started personal training in his garage while advertising on Facebook. He quickly outgrew the space and opened his new gym facility in a commercial building on Industrial Blvd.

Willie’s personal training philosophy is based around Patience, Effort and Discipline. He is passionate about helping individuals meet their goals and pushing them to achieve their maximum potential. Willie has had such a far reach in Leland that he has once again grown to capacity of a one-man studio gym. By combining forces with Elevate, Willie will be able to open his doors to more clients and combine Elevate’s philosophy of vision, fuel, and support with his own personal philosophy of Patience, Effort and Discipline.

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